Unique therapeutic programmes developed especially for pets – the first solution of this type for You and Your four-legged friend

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Especially for You, we prepared a short movie, presenting unique Quanpet device. It will show you how and why therapeutic programmes for pets were developed. You will learn the device construction, rules of its operation and available functions. The movie will present the most essential features of Quanpet.

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What does Quanpet look like?

Quanpet has the form of a little clip which can be attached to a collar of a dog, a cat or a horse. It can be also put on a cage, a terrarium or an aquarium, in which your pet lives.

How does it work?

Quanpet device has an inbuilt unique system for playing specialist therapeutic programs. This small clip can be turn on and off using a button which is easy in operation.

All programs include recordings stimulating the psycho-emotional sphere of pets, in such way that they induce particular psycho-physical responses in their organisms, which, in turn, launch mechanisms of self-healing and improving the life comfort of various spheres of Your Four-Legged Friend.

Depending on difficulties Your pet faces, You can choose a dedicated therapeutic program, which will support Your Pet in achieving the feeling of safety, improving of the state of being and the general comfort, easing the longing for the owner, facilitating the process of healing or in shortening the period of convalescence.

Versions of Quanpet for dogs and cats include the following therapeutic programs:

  • Fears
  • Longing
  • Health
  • Aggression

The version for horses includes the following modules:

  • Health
  • Depression

Ergonomic shape and size


Safe and sure attachment to collars and harness


Very durable Li-Ion battery


Built of very resistant material, resistant to atmospheric conditions


Safe and friendly for pets in 100%

After what period of time can one expect results?

Quanpet has the function of repeating a program that You select. Thanks to continuous playing of a proper recording, You achieve a multiplied effect, the aim of which is to ease the affliction of Your pet.

Users of therapeutic programs who observe their Quadrupeds state that effects of the device activity are visible incredibly fast as already at about three weeks of their regular use.

What is more, we know that You love Your pet-friends. You want them to be healthy, calm and happy. It is very important for You! Order Quanpet and change the life of Your friend!

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We provide 24 months of warranty.

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